..instead of introduction.


If you’re going to get organized, and not only your closet, but your entire life, you have to see the needs in different areas that need improvement and organization.


There are 6 areas in our life, each of  them are closely  connected and impacting each other.

The 6 areas are:

  1. Love  – partner, emotional life
  2. Family – parents, children
  3. Friends – social life
  4. Health – regular checkups, being fit and having the proper weight
  5. Work – good working environment and good paycheck
  6. Money – investing wisely.

It IS quite overwhelming to see in how many areas we have to give our best, but if you separate the big picture in smaller every day goals and habits, your life will getting better step by step – starting from tomorrow .. or today!

Start with something so small, that you can easily fit in your routine.

And then day by day, make a small progress, and the most important thing is to be consistent. The best thing is that you can always return to step one, to the beginning. That is the most liberating part – to know that when you cant or wont make progress..step back and return to the beginning.

But few people do, because when you step out of the comfort zone, you are feeling better and more energetic. You have the feeling you can achieve it all!

So, we will learn (together) how to organize your life, from small tings to big changes …