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How I used the IKEA SKUBB boxes for organizing

Organize your clothes: The best use for  IKEA SKUBB boxes.

Hello my friends. As many of us, I also ADORE IKEA and their products, especially when it comes for home organization.


One of the (many) chaotic places in our home, was my hubby’s clothes drawer. He uses it every day for changing clothes after biking and after showering, so he keeps a few essentials there.

The last time we were in IKEA I bought the SKUBB set of boxes. I thought it would be nice to use them for finally organizing this drawer.

The boxes dimensions are: Sizes: 5½ x 5½ x 5⅛”, 11 x 5½ x 5⅛” and 11 x 11 x 5⅛”,  2 of each.  (14x14x13 cm, 28x14x13 cm and 28x28x13 cm, 2 of each). They would fit perfectly in any drawer ca. 31″  (80 cm) long and ca. 15″ (40 cm) wide. Our drawer is 16″ (42 cm) wide, 33″ (85 cm) long and 6″ (15 cm) deep.



The “Before” look of the shelve was like this:


This SKUBB system has used me to sort his clothes into 5 categories:

 . Socks
 . Running t-shirts
 . Undershirts
 . Boxers
 . And there was free space for some unsorted items also (like winter hats, belts etc.)


The problem was not only he couldn’t find easy the needed items, also, I didn’t know when to wash his clothes. So, this was a perfect solution for both of us. Now he has a organized clothes and I have  an overview  when to wash the clothes next time. So, everybody is happy.
And so, the “After” shelve looks like this:


Nice, right? I loved this system, so I bought another set of these boxes, and I will use a similar method for some of my clothing ☺


So, did someone used this system for organization and now? I would really want to hear some ideas and suggestions from you.
Until next post, Betty xxx


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