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Kids Craft Corner: Simple and Organized

If your children are going to make Christmas cards or new year decorations, they should have a small corner in the house to be for their craftings.

Like all kids, my two little ones loooove to draw, color and use plastelin. They want to try every art and craft they can get their hands to, and often, the crayon lines would start on paper and continue on the furniture and finish on the walls.
The entire flat is a big canvas :s.

So, I  organized them a small place for their art needs, and  placed some papers and crayons around them. I also placed a few books if they want to color or read them.

The organization I picked for them is quite simple:

  • 2 chairs (Mammut collection from IKEA),
  • table (same Mammut collection),
  •  a small and easy to hang Pinboard,
  • A4 papers,
  • A4 transparent paper folders,
  • pins,
  • crayons/coloring pens/pencils,
  • pencils boxes.

The Pinboard I chose has colourfull design and its easy to hang. I use A4 papers and store the blank papers into the folders and pin them with any pin you have in the moment at home.


Then, I placed the crayons and pencils into colourful boxes, and also, I taped some of their drawing on the wall – as inspiration :).


And the final look is this….



  1. Hello. splendid job. I did not anticipate this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

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