Birthday after birthday, Christmas after Christmas, month after month.. the pile of toys was getting bigger and bigger. We had small toys, big toys, girl toys and boy toys, all sizes, shapes and colors, we were cluttered with toys. Sometimes we purged the toys: gave away the baby toys or throw away the broken ones, but there were so many of them that I had to come up with some organization plan. Also, all of the toys would get “boring” after some time, so I had to make a trick. I would take half of their toys (never the favorite ones), put them in a bag and place them away in the basement. After one month the toys were back from “reparation” and they were interesting again :). Then I would simply swap them with other toys.

The final toy organizing decision was made one cold weekend – weather ideal for organizing. I took ALL of the children toys and placed them in the middle of the living room. The reaction was: WOOW, how many toys..and how much money spend on them. How could anyone sort this out?

The living room looked like this:

..and like this…

But, we finally started decluttering. The plan was: first, every child could take 5 of his favorite toys and place it back in their room.

Than, I made 3 piles:

  1. Keep pile.
  2. Toss pile.
  3. Give (donate) pile. All the baby toys, and all toys they have generally outgrown.
  1. Keep pile. The biggest help were the IKEA toy storage boxes: VESSLA crate with casters and lid. I got one green for the boy toys and one pink for the girl toys, I also bought a VESSLA lid for each box. They look like this:

2. Toss pile: Broken or mismatched toys that couldn’t be used anyway .

3. The give/donate pile is individual for everyone, but you should get rid of all toys not used for some time.

I’ve placed the toys in the boxes, and also I’ve separated the building blocks in a separate bag, so they don’t mix with the other toys. At the end, my toy decluttering challenge result looked like this:

Hope you enjoyed it. Happy decluttering 🙂