This week I’m going to show you how I plan my week :). One of my biggest goals this year is to post regularly on my blog, and in order to do that I have to plan my time better. So, I made a little printable that you can download and use as well. My plan is on a weekly level, in that case I have the entire week in glance and I can organize the given tasks.

That means I can see ALL tasks for the upcoming week and I make 3 decisions about them:

  1. Write them all down. You have to see the exact amount of things that have to be done.
  2. Prioritize – not all things have to be done immediately. And not all by you. So, that leads to the third point, and that is
  3. Delegate and organize. When you see what is important, and what not, you can set aside some errands and some of them delegate to someone else. There is always a next week to do them ūüôā

The color scheme I used for the printable is with my favorite colors, (also the official blog colors for meandmyblog) – turquoise, yellow and gray. I have divided the page in sections for each day, 7¬†days ..¬†and the last part is for¬†an important task that I have to call, email or buy .¬†The top left space¬†– the header is reserved for the month/date and year, the top right space for your name or some information and the down part – the footer¬†– is reserved for some¬†inspirational quote, because everyone needs a little motivation, right?. The¬†quote for this week is “Be persistent … The best is yet to come.” It can be “Carpe diem” “Be happy.” or “The longer you procrastinate – the worse it gets!” – any quote that can motivate you to work a little harder or makes you happier is good enough ūüėČ.

I usually write down all my after work activities for the kids or for the blog, appointments etc. And if I have something urgent or very important, I¬†mark¬†it with a red pen so it won’t be forgotten. This picture is only a small example of my week, it is way more stressful and cluttered than here. And if I want to make this weekly plan prettier, I draw something or I put some stickers on it, like these cute smileys.

You can grab your FREE printable *My Week* on the button Download

Sometimes¬†you¬†can write down little reminders for the next day, small things like: drink hot chocolate, wear the yellow dress, buy yourself flowers, listen to one happy song, something that is just for you. You can give yourself a little break from planning work¬†and¬†after work activities, children birthdays or play dates, dentist appointments or meal plannings ūüôā

So, you can grab a copy of this planning sheet, and please let me know if it was helpful.

Have fun organizing!