Hello! As a full time interior architect (and a part time blogger :)), this week I will show you one of my favorite space organizations.
Many people live in small Apartments and some of them are using the same space as living and sleeping area. According to myself, the distinction between the sleeping and sitting area is very significant.

These 2 spaces don’t need to be sound proofed, isolated or totally separated one from another, they just need to be detached in one from or another.
For example, if you have a sofa bed, one of those sofas that need to be pulled out every evening to go to sleep, the odds are that very often you will be sleeping on the sitting part- not pulling the sleeping part at all. In order to avoid that, I always suggest to my clients to consider a separate bed option in the room. Sometimes it can be a bed in the corner, separated with a cupboard to the rest of the space, or .. one of my favorite solutions, a double bed placed in a section of the room.

In this plan I used an Apartment dimension that is very common, especially for one room Apartment that is part of a bigger building.
I used a space with ca. 23 m2 (ca. 247 ft2) and rectangular form 4.5 m (14 ft) x 5.5 m (18 ft). The sofa bed solution (Before) will be like this:


1. Single bed version
If you want a separated bed area for one person bed, this is a very simple solution. The easiest way is to buy a standard size bed for one person – 90 cm × 190 cm and a cupboard 60 cm deep and long according the space, (in this situation it will be ca. 2m). In this way, the cupboard will be used as a storage space and room divider also. You can use a shelving system as room divider instead, but most people want a cupboard – because of the space issue. Place the bed in a free corner and put the cupboard in the position to block the view to the head of the bed. Done!

2. Double bed version
But, if you want a double bed solution, than you have to use to space more
The living and sleeping room size is ca. 23 m2, room dimensions are 4,5 x 5,5 m. For a small Apartment living space, that is a decent space size.

Before – with dimensions in cm

But, again, if you want to sacrifice a little of this comfort in order to get another “room”, you can use this version of the same space:

After – with dimensions in cm

The change is the yellow marked wall. This wall is a standard dimension of 16 cm with 2 sliding doors from 75 cm cm on the upper and down side. With this solution, you get a separate bedroom part, with a bed 2,1 m x 2m in this case, but you can use a different dimension for your space. It’s the idea that counts.
Also, there is a place for the hanging flat TV on the new wall, so every inch of the room will be used.
If you want to use this solution, be aware to have enough passing space between each element in the room – ca. 75 cm, so you won’t feel crowded.


Until next time. Don’t hesitate to tell me if you like this option or maybe you have it right now in your home,