..and forget they ever existed.

Hi everyone and have a happy and organized new year 😀😀😀. In the beginning of each new year, I feel very ambitious and motivated about my home and life organization. And than ..it drops down each month of the year. But, each time I share my experiences through the year, the motivation gets bigger, I get support for my goals and plans and credit for the tasks I’ve done. And it means a lot to me. So, this January as a fresh start of a new year, a start where we can be better, organized, more productive, healthier and happier, I’ll share with you the list (my plan) of the things that I will declutter right now.

I always write a To Do list 🙂

This entire task will take no more than 30 minutes from your day, but the results will benefit you much longer. I’ll start with the things that I know I won’t be missing at all, nothing meaningful or sentimental. We all have similar things in our homes, things that we keep because we are sure that we’ll need them one day, or things that we are in doubt letting go, broken things that we’ll eventually fix and so on. So I’ve made a list of things that we can declutter together. And I’m sure that if you get rid of these things, you won’t need them back, but you’ll notice a positive energy, and a great comment about your home from the people around you.

So, lets start our small instant decluttering project. This will be an all-you-can-grab superficial project and is not going to last more than half an hour. Set your clock and read this list of 16 things you can throw away or recycle right now:

  1. Old newspapers, coupons and flyers
  2. Outdated medicines
  3. Broken toys
  4. Broken or old headbands
  5. Cosmetic testers or free samples that you have more than 6 months (I know if I don’t use them for 6 months I won’t use them at all)
  6. Worn out slippers
  7. Cracked tea or coffee cups 
  8. All broken-beyond-repair stuff (I’ve tossed and old small heating element and a selfie stick)
  9. Old bills and guaranties (some of them from old products we don’t even own or use anymore)
  10. Dried out coloring pens, small pencils or broken crayolas that you don’t use anymore
  11. The endless kids crafts… toss away all started and not finished drawings, and all home math exercises that we have in every corner
  12. Mismatched or old socks (some of my socks ended for a school project – snowman 😀 and the others were just worn out)
  13.  Expired or old make up and nail polishes
  14. CD-s that you won’t listen or movies that you have “grown out”
  15. Old decorative pillows… buy new ones, with intense colors, to brighten up your room
  16. And also, throw away all Christmas decorations that you haven’t used this year

In this first -after new year- declutter I don’t declutter clothes or old electronics, because, for the clothes especially, I need more time and a bigger organizing system. This is more as  -on the foot-  or -all you can grab- project, something that you can do in a small part of your afternoon. So friends, happy decluttering and see you in the next project.