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How to ORGANIZE your entire life!

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Making 3D New Year greeting cards

Tine for 3D New Year greetings cards!

My favorite December things are:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree ✓
  • Backing /eating Christmas cookies ✓
  • Making Christmas/New year cards … In progress.

So, I want to show you my New Year greetings cards for this year. I will make two 3D cards – with stickers, so the kids can participate also in the progress.

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Kids Craft Corner: Simple and Organized

If your children are going to make Christmas cards or new year decorations, they should have a small corner in the house to be for their craftings.

Like all kids, my two little ones loooove to draw, color and use plastelin. They want to try every art and craft they can get their hands to, and often, the crayon lines would start on paper and continue on the furniture and finish on the walls.
The entire flat is a big canvas :s.

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Making Christmas cards – DIY Quick & Easy!

Hello my friends,

This year I decided to try and make Christmas cards together with the kids, make them quick and easy, because of lack of time. So, if you’re in a hurry this year, or you have to make a lot of them, you can consider these ideas.

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How I used the IKEA SKUBB boxes for organizing

Organize your clothes: The best use for  IKEA SKUBB boxes.

Hello my friends. As many of us, I also ADORE IKEA and their products, especially when it comes for home organization.


Organize Yourselve !

..instead of introduction.


If you’re going to get organized, and not only your closet, but your entire life, you have to see the needs in different areas that need improvement and organization.


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